Welcome to TweeBeCa: Special Celebrity Edition!

All good New Yorkers know they’re not supposed to bother celebrities, but that doesn’t mean they can’t tweet about spotting them out and about. For more Welcome to TweeBeCa posts—some about famous people, most not—click that link or the Welcome to TweeBeCa tag at the bottom of the post.



  1. Jennifer Connelley was at juice press on Greenwich yesterday

  2. Nice…but please be respectful of their privacy.

  3. It takes a very specific type of person to pull out the phone and take pictures of celebs in Whole Foods.

  4. As I see celebs at wholefoods and at the Greek restaurant lately (saw Bradley Cooper there), I am asking for everyone who cares about the local area to support the retail in the area. I get it is easy to buy things online but the retail plays a good function for the area and will be sad if we end up with empty stores. Not just the cafes and restaraunts but also the pharmacies and the other boutiques, if we support them the area remains more vibrant and we end up with a better environment.