The Food Vendors at Canal Street Market

According to the friends-and-family invitation, here’s final list of vendors at Canal Street Market’s food hall when it opens sometime the week of May 15. (CSM’s website has menus for two, which I included here.) Whether they’ll all be permanent or some will rotate in and out, as with the non-food market, remains unclear.

Boba Guys / bubble tea
Lulu / unclear
Fresh&Co / salads, grain bowls, etc.
Nom Wah Kuai / dumplings and other Chinese food

Petee’s Pie Company / pie!
Davey’s Ice Cream / ice cream!
Oppa New Korean BBQ / Korean food as rice bowls, burritos, etc.
The Izakaya/Samurice / “Japanese lifestyle restaurant”
Ilili Box / Lebanese
Uma Temakeria / sushi burritos
Kuro-Obi by Ippudo / chicken ramen