Seen & Heard: How Cops Evade Tolls

••• “Max has been awarded by the Italy-America Chamber of Commerce with the Quality Approved seal, which is something that we are extremely proud of,” says owner Luigi Iasilli. “This is a board of Italian personalities from both Italy and USA, selecting and meticulously screaming Italian restaurants, randomly inspecting restaurants, making sure they use authentic Italian products.”

••• Gerald noticed that the former Cricketers Arms space at 57 Murray is for rent. Just so we’re all up to speed: Cape Advisors, which is also developing 30 Warren (at Chambers), is planning an eight-story condominium [click for rendering] that goes from the former Raccoon Lodge space on Warren around W. Broadway to the old Portobello’s Pizza space at Murray; all of the current buildings will be developed. The company has planned on tearing down 57 Murray and 59 Murray (New York Dolls), but instead sold those two buildings to Lipsitz Property Group, whose father-and-son team also owns New York Dolls, so that the grand tradition of paying for affection attention can continue in Lower Manhattan. The new owners of 57 Murray have said they envision a steakhouse there.

••• @PlacardAbuse is still going after the NYPD for allowing officers to illegally and hypocritically shield their license plates from toll-booth cameras.

••• From Friends of Duane Park: “Start your Mother’s Day [this Sunday] off right by lolling the morning away at Duane Park’s annual Celebrate Spring extravaganza. Pot a flower for mom, sway to the live Brazilian music, or grab a snack.” It’s 10 a.m. to noon.

••• E. says this is a new sign at the Holland Tunnel off-ramp. It really is the lamest kind of destination marketing; none of the stuff below “Welcome to New York” is going to change anyone’s behavior.

••• Mmuseumm‘s new season opens this Thursday, May 11. “Festive celebrations begin promptly at 7 p.m. and are free and open to the public.”

Mmuseumm 1 includes 17 exhibitions using vernacular objects giving viewers the opportunity to examine and humanize multifaceted stories, including a few highlights:

—The Good, The Bad, The Ideal: from the collection of Jesse Krimes, samples of “perfect” pebbles wrapped in thread sourced from inmates in a maximum-security prison explore ideas relating to the formation of societal norms, value systems and broader hierarchical attempts to impose order on identity;
—Insect Chic: offering the same amount of complete protein as animal meat, entrepreneurs are packaging, branding, and marketing edible insects for the mainstream, including a chocolate “chirp” cookie and earthworm jerky;
—Modern Religion: a collection of religious tokens from various practices around the world which have adapted to modern times in order to appeal to all (or more) members, including objects such as a gluten-free Holy Communion wafer;
—Unintentional Villains: facsimiles of objects, such as a lava lamp or selfie stick, that unintentionally caused premature death; complemented by –
—Unintentional Heroes: facsimiles of objects, such as an underwire bra and jellybeans that unintentionally prevented the premature deaths;
—Why so Cheap?: an exploration of why specific items sold as discounted or free to the public are considered more or less valuable by consumers;
—Also on exhibit at Mmuseumm 1 includes Data Design, Stationary Store Doodles, Weak Hands, Go Kit, ISIS Currency, Fake Fast Food Franchises of Iran, Donald Trump Merchandise, Personal Items of Immigration, The Cornflake Index, plus items from Mmuseumm’s permanent collection and more.

Mmuseumm 2 hosts The Transparent Object from the archive of Cuban artist and designer, Ernesto Oroza. The Transparent Object uses over 50 homemade objects to explore how through creativity and cooperation, the people of Cuba repurposed objects and familiar materials into functional, everyday items during a time of severe scarcity of resources. Displayed on a multi-tiered rotating platform at Mmuseumm 2, items are categorized into kitchenware, home goods, electronics and fashion. The “Transparent Object” exhibit at Mmuseumm 2 exemplifies creative solutions during Cuba’s international isolation and domestic shortages.



  1. Corruption takes many forms. Ahem, Mr. Police Commissioner! To protect and serve your own interests! #BossTweed

  2. Friend told me that this is going to be a very high end uber cool steakhouse from Miami. Forgot name that was mentioned. Next to NYD….this will be a very exciting block to play.

  3. These police officers/police department better hope that this photographic evidence isn’t ignored or disregarded by superior officers or oversight peeps. You’re on the record as of 5/12/17. #MNYPDGA.

  4. The Barry’s are great guys and have known them for a very long time. They have always respected Murray St and have always been there for the FDNY after 9/11. Sr lost quite a few friends in the WTC attacks which weighed on him for a long time. He is selfless and Its unfortunate that his charitable efforts go unnoticed. Jr told me they saved the buildings because they didn’t want to see their long term employees displaced. Solid