Seen & Heard: Drug Users on the Streets

••• “I am seeing an increase in beggars seated and nodding out behind cardboard signs,” emailed A. “I’ve also seen people using in the subway by City Hall and buying on Warren St. I notified Precinct 1 about this twice when I could actually identify some sellers but that was a year and six months ago and they are only increasing in numbers. In fact, there’s a guy on Church and Murray under the scaffolding who is clearly on heroin right now. Can you try to do a story on this?” I explained that the most I could really do is mention it. I’m not sure what there is to do about it other than complain to the 1st Precinct. Anyone have other ideas?

••• Warren 77 sent a letter to nearby buildings announcing that it plans to request sidewalk seating. Traditionally, Community Board 1 has resisted café seating on side streets (or at least approving liquor licenses for outdoor seats, since it has no real authority over the seats themselves), but last month it allowed Khe-Yo to proceed. And Warren 77 owner Matt Abramcyk has generally found ways around CB1 anyway.

••• The annual Torly Kids Tween Party and Hula Hoop Contest is Saturday, May 20, from 11:30 a.m. to 3 p.m.: “This year the festivities include our annual hula hoop contest, a fun photo booth by Classic Kids Photography, French Braiding and Emoji Nail Tattoos by Katie, treats, and prizes! Recommended for ages 5-14. But little ones are welcome too!”

••• Whole Foods appears to have a peony wall at its Tribeca store.



  1. Restarting the beggars and drug users we have to make it so uncomfortable for them that they will leave.

    • I’m with you, but the only thing that makes heroin users leave anywhere is no heroin. If this was a war zone, they’d come here for it.

  2. Unfortunately we New Yorkers will have to put up with ever increasing numbers of street addicts – as our Mayor uses them to further his subsidized housing agenda. The police are told to do nothing to enforce our existing laws and our streets have become on air drug dens.
    Basically the rules of laws do not apply to anyone who gets the label “homeless” regardless that they are mostly from out of town (with housing) young, able bodied and yes, mostly white.

    If you think it is bad in Tribeca, walk around midtown particularly near Penn Station.

  3. Bad Mayor Bad city. First Precinct is useless has been for a long time. Homeless drug addicts Chambers Street is a disgusting.