Seen & Heard: Gateway Getaway

••• Getaway, “America’s first venture-backed tiny house startup,” asked me to write about it a while ago, but there was no local angle. I loved the idea, though: “We build tiny houses, place them in the woods outside major cities and rent them out by the night to folks looking to escape and rejuvenate.” There’s still no local angle, but it’s getting closer. The company is “partnering with the National Parks Service’s New York Harbor Conservancy to bring the Getaway experience to the New York City shoreline. Between Memorial Day and Labor Day, three of Getaway’s tiny houses will be placed on the shore at NYC’s own Gateway National Recreation Area. It’ll be just like any other Getaway experience: book your fully furnished tiny house at, get emailed directions a few days before, hop in the car with your friends to drive to the edge of the city, and exit the daily grind with your own private key code.”

••• Who knew Anotheroom has an occasional open mic night?

••• Or that The Greek has dance parties?

••• I was bummed to see a stall selling souvenir schlock show up on Warren. Makes me miss African Movies & Music even more.

••• L+M Development released a blurry rendering of the 45-story building under construction at 23 Park Row last year, but I missed it till recently, when I noticed a rendering of the retail posted at the site (and there was another online). It’s being called 25 Park Row, and the handsome retail extends to 15 Park Row next door—and conceivably to dormant 1 Park Row. (P.S. I was really hoping the building would block the Beekman hotel condo tower, a ghostly apparition in the first rendering below. The white-ish building directly to 23 Park Row’s left is the 25-story 1 Beekman, also under construction, and not quite as pale a flower as indicated below.)



  1. After operating an unlicensed sidewalk cafe for years, serving alcohol without a license outside, and annually roasting dead animals over open flames on the public sidewalk of a residential neighborhood, who can be surprised at anything The Greek does?

    • Seems like they can do anything they want. Must be feeding people for free on CB1

    • I know, isn’t it great to have a local establishment that holds community oriented events!

      I’m not really sure of your “roasting dead animals” comment. It’s also called “cooking”… ohhh is this is a vegan thing? Yeah we should immediately close all non vegetarian restaurants. Excellent point.

      Lighten up and move back to the suburbs Francis (aka James)

  2. Am surprised to hear this negativity about the Greek. In particular to roasting dead animals annually. My guess is that comment is related to the Easter celebration and is an effort of cultural inclusion. I have to give a shout out to this establishment for being very neighborhood friendly, not to mention delicious!

    • Agree. Irony is how many on here bemoan the dwindling number of “neighborhood” spots. The Greek is a good one… but let’s get the torches & pitchforks and run them out anyway!

      • What we really need is more high end furniture stores and nail salons! THAT is what makes our neighborhood (SIC) ;)

        The Greek is a really good one. Happy to see that they made this spot a home (other couldn’t) and that they are opening a newer more casual location even closer to us.