In the News: Lawsuit Over 1WTC’s Filthy Windows

••• Condé Nast’s windows at 1 World Trade Center “are so covered in muck they can hardly see outside, the company claims in new court papers. […] The suit says since moving in, most of the windows have not been cleaned, even though Condé Nast has paid $1.2 million in glass-cleaning fees over the past two years. […] And the windows aren’t just dirty, they’re also cracked and in need of repair, photographs show. […] A spokesman for The Durst Organization said that building’s original window maintenance machine failed. In November 2014 two window washers were left hanging and had to be rescued by firefighters. The Durst spokesman said they hoped to have the problem resolved soon. ‘A temporary window washing unit will be in place by the end of the summer and new permanent rigs will be finished in 2018,’ said spokesman Jordan Barowitz.” —New York Post

••• “The Manhattan U.S. attorney’s office [pictured at right], known for grooming legal stars and convicting white-collar criminals, is by most accounts a stinky, shabby dump [with] ‘an outrageous amount of mold.'” It’s one of the ugly buildings behind the Municipal Building. —Wall Street Journal

••• Someone claimed that $24 million lottery ticket purchased on Church Street. “The person, who has not yet been identified, saw news coverage about how the multi-million dollar windfall was set to lapse May 25, prompting him or her to search for the ticket at home [….] The lucky winner claimed the massive prize May 23 at the New York Lottery’s Beaver Street Customer Service Center in Lower Manhattan. His or her identity will be announced pending the completion of the Lottery’s security background check.” If you learned about it here, I expect a tip. —New York Post

••• The Trump Soho Hotel “is planning layoffs and other cost-cutting measures as its corporate event business has nosedived since Trump took office, according to WNYC. […] Managers are preparing to lay off 12 housekeepers and eliminate turn-down service.” —New York Daily News



  1. Interested to see how that window lawsuit works out. Live in 8 Spruce and our windows haven’t been cleaned in over 3 years due to “weather” on the days they were scheduled.

  2. So sorry innocent workers have to suffer but Trump Soho “hotel” was foisted on the SoHo community against its wishes and in violation of all kinds of appropriate land use. Karma

    • Don’t forget the more than 5 million members of state or municipal pension funds in California (including CalPERS), New York (including The New York State Common Retirement Fund), Texas, Arizona, Montana, Michigan and Missouri who invested about half the money in the fund that now owns Trump Soho. (Trump licenses his name and operates the hotel, but has no ownership position in it.)