Seen & Heard: A New Louisiana-Style Restaurant?

••• I came across a Craigslist ad for a general manager at a “soon to open upscale Tribeca restaurant” with a “New Orleans/Louisiana theme.” The address is listed as 78 Reade, which is Church Publick. Possibilities: Church Publick’s menu is being converted to a New Orleans/Louisiana theme; something else is opening in that space; the Church Publick folks are planning a restaurant at some other Tribeca location; the address is incorrect. I tried emailing Church Publick, but I haven’t heard back. If some percentage of the ownership of Church Publick is staying the same, it doesn’t need to go in front of Community Board 1 for something like a menu change. (The CB1 agendas for June, due out imminently, might offer a clue.) UPDATE 5/31: A rep for Church Publick says that this post is “unrelated to our business, and Church Publick is sticking with the same concept. Perhaps they plan on meeting with candidates here or just wanted to give a general idea of the neighborhood.”

••• The ARChive of Contemporary Music‘s summer record and CD sale is June 3-18 (11 a.m. to 6 p.m.).

••• Lynda noted another way that area police officers flout the law: “Spruce Street and Gold Street in the early morning (530 a.m. dog walk) is just one car after the other running red lights and stop signs on their way to work at Police Plaza.”

••• Opening June 7 at Soho Photo: “The New York Character: A gallery-wide show exploring the energy, eccentricities and eccentrics that give New York City its unique character.” Below: A photo by Neil O. Lawner.



  1. At Spruce and Gold, do they turn on their emergency lights like they do when they are making the illegal right turn onto N. Moore St, heading to the 1st Precinct?

  2. Isn’t Spruce and Gold also school zone???
    what is wrong with these people?

  3. We don’t even get the emergency lights, and most times they are in personal cars in way to work. Between the NYPD, the city housing workers going to 100 Gold, the increase in Ubers from the Beekman Hotel opening, and the usual Beekman FD and hospital traffic, it is a shit show down here. Yes, it is a school zone!