In the News: Muggers Beat Victim Who Resisted

••• “Muggers viciously beat a Scottish woman at the Fulton Street subway station when she confronted them for stealing her cellphone.” It was around 9 p.m. last Saturday. —DNAinfo

••• The expanded Thom Browne store opens on Tuesday. —New York Times

••• “The folks behind the Tribeca Film Festival have announced a new series in the shadows of Santiago Calatrava’s big bird, at Oculus Plaza. Tribeca Drive-In will bring al fresco flicks to the World Trade Center on the first Friday and Saturday of each month, June through October. The films are programmed by curators from the film festival, though you wouldn’t really know it by looking at the lineup.” —Bedford + Bowery

••• Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel “were reportedly checking out units in [443 Greenwich] earlier this year, but according to city records, the deal is done. Timberlake bought [a penthouse for $20 million] using an LLC that he previously used to purchase an apartment in—coincidence?—Tribeca’s Pearline Soap Factory.” —Curbed (“Justin got that $7 million discount in part because of who he is,” developer Nathan Berman told the New York Post. “We want people like that in the building.” White people? Former child stars? Voice-over actors? But then there’s this: “The discount also reflects market forces, Berman said, how ‘things got marked up rather high and the prices had to come down.'”)

••• Condé Nast Traveler‘s article on Lower Manhattan (“one of the most vibrant neighborhoods in the city”) includes the usual suspects.

••• The Borough of Manhattan Community College “is requesting [$900,000] from local elected officials to help fix problems that have arisen from the “peculiar” design of its Chambers Street campus. […] The city funding would allow BMCC to erect an enclosed pedestrian walkway connecting the disjointed halves of the building, allowing students to access services without having to brave the elements. The addition will also allow the school to consolidate the two separate entrances into one, allowing them to focus security at one location, in addition to easing congestion [….] Perhaps best of all, the construction would displace the smokers who typically congregate where the new addition would be—and whose fumes have a tendency to get sucked up by a nearby air intake, and vented into on the school’s most popular community rooms.” —Downtown Express