Loft Peeping: Paula Wagner & Rick Nicita

Architectural Digest featured the 2,250-square-foot, three-bedroom apartment of “Hollywood powerhouse couple” Paula Wagner and Rick Nicita. (She’s a producer, he’s a former agent and manager.) The southwest Tribeca location proved a challenge, interior designer Benjamin Vandiver told writer Jennifer Fernandez: “Due to the architecture of the building, largely directed by the streets below, the open living plan was essentially the shape of an obtuse triangle. Paula had for years tried to make a traditional furniture grouping work in the space unsuccessfully. My instinct was to embrace the oddly shaped living room and not fight against it.”

Of note:

• Vandiver was able to use much of the existing furniture, along with pieces the couple had in L.A.
• The art collection includes “an oil and aluminum paint on canvas work by John Millei”; Olafur Eliasson’s “Garden Mirror”; an Elizabeth Murray lithograph; and Picasso art tiles purchased in France decades ago.
• Locally sourced furniture includes the funky wooden desk chair in the den (from Consort) and pieces from BDDW.

The full story, along with more of Fran Parente’s photographs, is here. No bedroom shots, though.

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  1. Someday I can come up with $4 to 5 million (plus renovations) for a loft of my choosing. Until then, I will keep peeping. Nice pictures!

    Pinky JJ

  2. She started with almost nothing she deserves it

  3. Absolute class & authority, simply executed. Like the occupants.????????