Seen & Heard: Placard Corruption Continues

••• If the mayor and NYPD commissioner thought @Placardabuse would do anything other than double down on its efforts to root out parking corruption, they were clearly mistaken. Six tweets from Tribeca yesterday:

••• The folks at the Tribeca CSA say they still have shares available for this season: “Weekly distribution run by members for twenty weeks of minimally treated vegetables. In-season fruit shares also available. Pick-up is on Tuesdays 3-6 p.m., from June to October, at Washington Market Park.”

••• Yorganic has reopened as Bliss Bowl, as expected. It’s still Yorganic on Seamless, which isn’t that weird (although the address of 178 Church is confusing, to say the least).

••• ONDA Beauty, the shop opening soon at 51 Hudson, is popping up at 180 (180 Duane) from June 8 to 11.

••• The other day, there was a loud protest on the Broadway side of City Hall (maybe 75 protestors, with the amplified sound audible for blocks), so I walked over to ask the cops how late the permit was for (another hour, alas). The 1st Precinct’s Commanding Officer, Mark Iocco, was there, and he said that they had already asked the protestors to turn it down a couple of times, so I made a face that clearly meant “And they’re turning it back up?” He replied that he was keeping an eye on it: “I have the app!” he said, referring to a sound measurement app that was brought up at a 1st Precinct Community Council a while back.

••• The fountains at the 30 Park Place plaza need some fine-tuning.



  1. There is a I am an immigrant pop up at 393 Broadway today and tomorrow. It showed up on my Facebook feeds but some folks commented and are skeptical, suspecting that it’s a trap set up by ICE. Thought you’d be interested.

  2. This placard situation is getting ridiculous. My husband is handicapped and has had to struggle to get renewals on his placard. Finally get it and there are so many special placards and fakes that aren’t handicapped taking up all the spots. Also on Greenwich Street in front of IPN (Duane Read) the Development puts their 3 dumpsters on the street eliminating at least two spaces on a daily basis.