Seen & Heard: The Redesign of 172 Duane

••• Bogardus Plaza is “soft closing” tomorrow—tables and chairs will be removed, with planters to follow soon after—for its revamp, which should begin in earnest in a couple of weeks.

••• Opening tomorrow at Steven Amedee: Into the… by Mai La Thai.

••• You can catch a glimpse of the subway elevator under construction outside 30 Park Place.

••• This Saturday at 11 a.m.: Washington Market Park’s Ladybug Day.

••• A few weeks ago, the word was that the owner of 172 Duane was looking to make some changes to the redesign for 172 Duane, which is getting a four-story topper. The Landmarks Preservation Commission said the application was under review, and whether a public hearing would be required had not been determined. I checked back in with the LPC, and evidently a public hearing will be necessary, but a date has not been set. This also means that Community Board 1 will be discussing it.

••• “The 9/11 Tribute Museum is reopening at 92 Greenwich Street next Tuesday June 13. I am writing to extend an invitation for Sunday, June 11. from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. for residents of Lower Manhattan to preview the new museum. In order to manage capacity we are asking people to RSVP.”

••• The Roxy Cinema is showing John Waters’s Pink Flamingos in 35 millimeter twice on Saturday, June 17. Imagine an alternate universe where it, and not Hairspray, got made into a Broadway musical…. Do not watch the clip below unless you’re OK with filthy language.



  1. I noticed a couple of months ago that every unit at 174 Duane St hit the market (2 currently in contract) so I think the neighbors (at least) must think the changes to 172 are going to be pretty major if they’re all selling.

    • Probably not the case… It looks like 174 Duane was fully redeveloped and the units on the market (3 units total, 2 of which are under contract) are the first sales since the redevelopment. There aren’t lot line windows and aside from noise during the work, I doubt the building will be impacted much if at all by the neighboring construction.

  2. Why are they starting construction on Bogardus now? If they are estimating 18 months until completion, starting now would render Bogardus unusable for two summers, whereas if they started construction in early fall the plaza would only be out of commission for one summer.

    • My understanding is that the NYC Department of Design and Construction is managing the project, so the timing is up to them. And since the project has already been delayed quite a while, the sooner it gets started, the better.

  3. The simple little oasis that was Bogardus will be missed. Be prepared for delays and mismanagement. Who knows when and if there will ever be a user friendly replacement.