Seen & Heard: Au Pair Attacked on the Street

••• A distressing report from P.: “My au pair was attacked [Friday] night at 9 p.m. at Church and Reade! She went to another au pair’s house and rang the bell and while she was waiting for her on the street, a guy put her in a head lock and kept punching her until a construction worker saved her and caught the guy. He went to jail and she filed a report. She also said many people saw the whole thing but did nothing until afterwards they told her that they saw the whole thing. Wow, horrible! I have lived here 10 years and haven’t known anyone personally that this has happened to around here.” Italics mine.

••• There’s an interesting pop-up at 365 Broadway, northwest corner of Franklin: “I create floral arrangements and wall hangings out of Eternity Roses,” says Flair Le Fleur founder Devon Moezinia. “They’re real, natural roses that have been preserved (using no harsh or toxic chemicals) so that they last forever. They keep their soft texture and vibrant colors for years and years—and even smell like fresh-cut roses too. All of my arrangements are made to order, creating the perfect personalized gift or piece of home decor for everyone’s taste.”

••• JumpLife, the trampoline-fitness studio at 404-406 Broadway, has closed.

••• The application for an alteration to the liquor license at 221 W. Broadway (most recently White Street restaurant) was withdrawn again from Community Board 1. Also, this is on the agenda (not sure if it was already there): “5 Hanover Square, application for restaurant liquor license for 5 Hanover Square Café LLC d/b/a The Bedford –Possible resolution.”

••• The Think Coffee outpost at 101 Leonard looks like it’s getting closer to opening.

••• Press release from the Port Authority: “This Monday at 5 p.m. at Liberty Park at the World Trade Center complex, dignitaries and Holocaust survivors who knew Anne Frank will gather to dedicate a tree grown from the original tree outside Anne Frank’s hiding place in Amsterdam where Anne and her family hid from 1942 to 1944. […] Anne Frank Center for Mutual Respect chose the World Trade Center as the site of the 70th anniversary tree to evoke New York’s eternal hope after 9/11.” Two thoughts: I’m a big fan of weaving the 9/11 Memorial back into the fabric of the city as much—and as quickly—as possible, but connecting it with Anne Frank is a stretch. Second: The Anne Frank Center isn’t quite what it seems, according to this thorough article in the Atlantic.



  1. About a year ago around 8pm at church & reade I saw a woman screaming at a man to give her phone back and leave her alone. Everyone hurried by not wanting to get involved and I walked by because I had to pick up my kids and didn’t want to be late but I realized I had to help so I stopped and walked back a few steps to them. I asked if the woman needed help and she said yes, call the police so I pulled out my phone so the man gave her back the phone and let her walk away. I watched to make sure he didn’t follow, which he did not.

    People need to get involved. Natural tendency is to ignore and walk by. I felt it but you have to fight it.

  2. Actually, there is a historical connection between the Nazis and 9/11, although it doesn’t go through Anne Frank in particular:

    • Thank you for posting this. Indeed, there was very close collaboration between Nazis and numerous Arab leaders to exterminate Jews. This is well documented, but does not recieve much attention anymore. While the article does not mention this, it is also well documented that Nazis that were provided refuge in Egypt following the Holocaust/WW II became the architects of Egypt’s chemcial weapons program. Thankfully, the Israelis were able to set this program back significantly during the Six Day War.

  3. Yes indeed get involved. There were many people around? They should have acted together and stopped the thug immediately.

    I’ve also been in situations where there were many people and I was the only one who intervened. Others didn’t even want to help the victim after the assaulter was gone. They just hid their faces and didn’t make eye contact as if nothing happened.

    Do the right thing. Do what you would want others to do if you were the one being assaulted.