Seen & Heard: Park Place Plaza Retail

••• I hadn’t realized that the Il Pesce seafood-themed restaurant at Eataly had been aborted for a space used for rotating concepts.

••• An email from Arthur Piccolo of the Bowling Green Association says that the city’s Department of Transportation “rejected placing Fearless Girl here until Mayor de Blasio interceded.”

••• There are two retail spaces facing the 30 Park Place plaza—one in the outbuilding and another toward the southwest corner, inside the main tower. Is it too much to hope for something that’s not a chain?

••• “Am I the only one who’s curious/annoyed that many of the subway newspaper/magazine kiosks are closed?” asks R. “Chambers and West Broadway since the fall, City Hall since who knows when, 14th St. 7th Ave IRT (which seems to now be undergoing renovations.)”

••• After a tasty dinner at Decoy* the other night, we walked home via Greenwich. The Dreaded Drill of Destruction was outside 100 Vandam, a terrific 1910 building that, last we heard (December 2015) was getting a modern 18-story topper, having certain windows violated, and being converted to residential. The renderings below are by CookFox. (*Can we agree that toddlers don’t belong at a serious restaurant’s communal table? Probably not.)



  1. Parent of toddler here who totally agrees with you that they “don’t belong at a serious restaurant’s communal table.” Sorry you had to put up with that.

  2. That has to be most hideous building design ever. What a way to ruin an awesome building. It reminds me of a scene from Alien when the alien rips through the victim’s chest cavity.

  3. Is that block not part of the landmark district? Yikes.