Seen & Heard: More on the Carbon Monoxide Leak

••• Here’s an update I added to the post about the fire and carbon monoxide leak at 60 Murray: It was a broken boiler pipe in the basement. “Fire officials say the high carbon monoxide levels were detected inside the ground floor market and above floors which include a gym and more than a hundred residential units. […] The incident was originally thought to be related to a box of salad bowls that was being treated as a suspicious package, but investigators later determined that was not the case. “‘A male worker was opening up the box, and about 10 feet away there was a female worker by the bathroom that fainted, and he associated her fainting with the opening of that box, not knowing that it was actually carbon monoxide,’ said NYPD Chief of Department William Aubrey.” —NY1

••• @PlacardAbuse got an employee at Pepolino to explain that a cop gave him a parking placard.

••• 70 Vestry is nearly done being clad.

••• “The space they have been renovating on the southeast corner of Washington and Desbrosses had one of the doors open,” reports P. “Inside there were a bunch of simple flat desks/tables and what looked like drafting tables. It looked like either a design studio or potentially another ‘showroom’ for a future construction project.”

••• The West Village location of Maison Kayser is driving a neighbor insane with its HVAC vents and other machinery; she’s wondering whether anyone is still bothered by the fans on Harrison, and if so, would you get in touch with her? (You can email me at and I’ll forward it.)

••• There are flyers on West Street between Vestry and Laight for “Set It Up” shooting this Thursday. IMDB: “Co-workers hatch a plan to set up their bosses on a date.”

••• I don’t think the two (?) remaining retail spaces at 140 Franklin—142 and 142A Franklin, according to the signage—were papered over until somewhat recently. Anyone know what’s moving in?


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  1. According to that CBS 2 story “Since city law doesn’t require CO detectors in commercial buildings and basements, Amish Market didn’t have one.” Perhaps the people who were taken to the hospitals would want to have a new law passed.