Seen & Heard: Trader Joe’s Appears to Be Delayed

••• “Two Navy F/A-18F aircraft will fly over the Hudson River [today] at approximately 2 p.m. The aircraft will fly at approximately 2,000-2,500 feet.” No clue if it’ll be in these parts, but at least Notify NYC gave us some notice. Earlier in the week, an email went out two minutes before the flyover.

••• “Trader Joe’s lists the Spring Street store as ‘coming soon,’ as distinguished from those opening in 2017,” notes Iris. (The company had previously said it would open this year.) Below: A screenshot from the PDF showing all stores, current and future.

••• The Louis C.K. film shooting on Warren extended its shoot to four days. At that length, it’s hard to justify to businesses on those blocks that the noise and fumes and parking restrictions are worth the hassle.

••• And “Mr. Robot,” which is disguising itself as “Norwich Follies,” is shooting in the Chambers/Elk area today.

••• Unfinished business, part 1: I tried asking the city’s Department of Design and Construction whether the renovation of the Ladder 8 firehouse is on schedule, but I got no response. The project was forecast to take three years, and I believe it started at the end of 2015. So in theory, it’s halfway done.

••• Unfinished business, part 2: I asked a rep at Robert A. M. Stern Architects whether the east side of 70 Vestry would be clad in something, but I haven’t heard back. I tried to ask at the sales office, but no one was there. You can catch a glimpse of that side of the model—hard to take a good photo through the glass—and there appears to be a fresco motif on the southernmost part, which is the part where nothing is likely to be built (at least anytime soon). The northern wing will abut 31 Desbrosses, which presumably starts construction once 70 Vestry is done.

••• Poke Bowl has opened in the former Crave Espresso Bar space on Canal. As you can see, the menu has a lot of choices.