Update on the Cortlandt Street Subway Station

First, the bad news: The Cortlandt Street 1 train station isn’t expected to be done till the end of 2018, according to a presentation made to the Community Board 1 Quality of Life & Service Delivery Committee tonight. It’s a big project, as you can see from the slide below; utilities and communications are taking a long time. (Do note that the station will have air conditioning.)

Here’s what’s been done:

And here’s what’s left to do:

The artwork has been commissioned, and I don’t know if it’ll look exactly like this, but it involves words on the walls. The MTA rep said that the station will look more like the World Trade Center than a traditional subway station.

Photographs of the northbound platform and the entrance from the Oculus:

Here’s a photo I took of the other side of the entrance in that last photo:

Perhaps most excitingly, the rep included a slide about a bunch of other World Trade Center–area connections that the MTA is working on. I think some will be achieved before the Cortlandt station is done, but I’m not positive about that. An explanation, from the top:

••• T2 to E = Corridor between 2 World Trade Center and E train (outside the fee zone).
••• R to E = Free transfer between the R and E trains.
••• R to Hub = Entrance from the R train southbound platform into the Oculus.
••• T4 to R = Platform-level connection between 4 World Trade Center and the R train. And not shown: the staircase on the east side of the 9/11 Memorial will lead to the southbound 1 train.



  1. With the exception of the delays, this is all great news for the complex. Ultimately, the new mall will have better transit options than the old mall by a large margin.

  2. Looks like the E R/W within the fare zone just opened up today.