Seen & Heard: Preparing for the Silver Blob

••• This orange outline at 56 Leonard would seem to be for Anish Kapoor’s forthcoming silver blob? Could it be U-shaped rather than fully round? (Look closely at the second pic.) Also, the renderings show it flush with the street, but in real life, it appears to be a couple of feet below grade.

••• I hear that chef Eiji Ichimura’s departure from his new restaurant might not actually be temporary.

••• There’s an estate sale at 17 Vestry (ground floor) through the end of today.

••• There’s more glass at Citigroup’s renovated headquarters. There’s a mod thing happening on the second floor.

••• Question #1 from A.: “Our building is wondering if any other smallish co-ops in the area were happy with their building management companies (as we are not and are thinking of switching).” Either answer in the comments or email me at and I’ll forward it.

••• Question #2 from A.: “We are looking for a reliable licensed/insured window washer because our regular guys have turned unreliable. We’re hoping to find someone others use and like in the area.”

••• It seemed like maybe the Mayor’s Office of Media and Entertainment had given us a break from film/TV/ad shoots for a couple of weeks, but now they’re back with a vengeance. Today in the Sixth/White area: Cadillac is filming an ad.



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