The Nut Store Is Closing

SP’s Nuts & Candy, the store at 166 Church that you probably know as We Are Nuts About Nuts, is closing at the end of July. Word has quietly been going around, and now owner Michael Yeo has posted a sign in the window. He told me a couple of months ago that the landlord didn’t seem to want him to renew, and he had no interest in trying to relocate.

According to a 2010 profile in the New York Times, the store opened in 1978, and Yeo bought it in 1996—and it was possibly the last in Manhattan to roast its own nuts. To those of us who love it, this is deeply upsetting. The nuts and dried fruit really are much better than what you find elsewhere. (Thanks to N. for the photo below.)



  1. I believe they actually started on Duane Street at Elk; the feds built 290 Broadway and demolished the building that housed the nut store. They relocated to Church Street in the early ’90s. Very sad to see them go.

  2. A wonderful store!! I was a regular customer! Great product and knowledge kind staff.

  3. So bummed!! Loved this store and was concerned the day would come that he’d be priced out. Thanks for the heads up so I can head over & stock up on my favs before he leaves ☹️

  4. Sack cloth and ashes.

  5. We will miss Nuts About Nuts …freshest Nuts and friendliest staff. Such a shame.

  6. Not only are their nuts the best, Nuts About Nuts also sells the best Italian Wedding Candy anywhere. The owner is the gentlest sweetest man despite some
    Tragic family issues.

  7. I hate to see them close. They always had a terrific product and terrific personnel.

  8. Arg! They have the best nuts! Anyone have suggestions about where to get nuts after July?