In the News: August Massacre Threatened at FiDi Mosque

••• Masjid Manhattan Mosque on Cliff Street “received a letter threatening a terrifying massacre this summer ‘on a scale never seen,’ police sources said Thursday.” —New York Post

••• The Downtown Alliance’s new chairman of the board, Brookfield Properties chairman Ric Clark, is a Tribeca resident. —Broadsheet

••• More thefts in the Tribeca Trib police blotter, including at the ever-popular (with thieves) Duane Reade at 250 Broadway.

••• “Museum of Jewish Heritage celebrating 20 years in BPC.” —Downtown Express

••• “Is Thom Browne the Most Underestimated Designer in New York?” asks the New York Times. Shouldn’t an article about Browne’s relative lack of industry respect mention the eight-year partnership he had with Brooks Brothers? But then pretty much everything Vanessa Friedman writes makes my teeth hurt.

••• “Seaport Museum explores class divide on turn-of-the-century ocean liners.” Is it just me, or is Curbed trying to become Gothamist? —Curbed



  1. Noticed there are new sculptures in city hall park, is it part of a new exhibit?