Black Burger and Roll and Go Have Closed

The Roll and Go slice joint and Black Burger burger joint at the southeast corner of Broadway and Franklin have closed, as noted by TribecaMom, with photos courtesy of E. Their sister establishments at Canal and W. Broadway are still around, according to the sign on the door.

“With this and the American [Icon] souvenir shop next door gone, does it mean the development of the L-shaped condo will start in the near future?” asked TribecaMom. She’s referring to 59 Franklin (the red buildings to the left in the photo below) and 358 Broadway (the building to the right, with “Furniture Outlet” on the ground floor), which form one L-shaped lot. The drawings further below are all we have on that plan; they’re from March of 2016, and nothing has been heard about that project since. I wouldn’t think the restaurants’ closing would indicate the L-shaped project is a go, unless the two lots are being merged into one. Back in 2014, a press release regarding the sale of 360-362 Broadway noted that “the building is also potentially part of a larger development site. Based upon its land size of 6,440 square feet and the zoning designation of C6-4A, which carries a 10.0 floor area ration, the building leads to a total of 64,440 buildable square feet.”

There’s nothing about demolition of 360-362 Broadway (yet) on the Department of Buildings website. Demolition plans for the L-shaped lot, meanwhile, were filed in 2014, with plans for the new 18-story building filed soon after. Daniel Goldner is listed as the architect.

courtesy Google Maps



  1. A recently approved (6/22/17) amendment to the Schedule A (job 100697532) shows merely a change of use to the upper floors to offices from warehouse. No demo or enlargement indicated.

  2. Thank you so much for the update!