Seen & Heard: Progress at Two Park Place Restaurants

••• Nick Savides painted Staple Street, toward the north and south. They’d look good on your wall.

••• Tribeca Language is having a moving sale tomorrow (Saturday) with “kids toys & furniture.” Punctuation is so important.

••• “Countdown to opening begins!” posted Harry & Ida’s Luncheonette, the forthcoming Park Place restaurant, along with a photo of the new awning.

••• It’s hard not to feel sorry for the Irish Hunger Memorial. When it was closed for reconstruction in August of 2016, the word was it would reopen by late spring of this year.

••• The door has been open lately at Five & Dime Coffee & Cocktails, under construction at 8 Park Place, and the vaulted ceiling looks nice—and more appropriate for the Woolworth Building than the generic Just Salad next door.



  1. Whenever I feel sorry of the Irish Hunger Memorial, I think of millions of dollars being spent on renovating a hunger memorial rather than being spent on … fighting hunger.

  2. Nick was fortunate to complete his paintings of Staple ST before the eggings began.
    People living on Staple are so fed up with the constant photo shoots/video shoots/instagram shoots (last weekend over 40 different shoots) that they’ve started throwing eggs from higher floors on to unsuspecting clickers.
    Tour buses are now unloading on Harrison Street and tourists are milling about by the dozens taking photos.

    • Such is the price of fame for living with a “landmark”. Those of us with dogs think of it more as poop alley and I personally would prefer that those residents drop eggs on dog walkers who don’t pick up after their pets!

  3. Love the “kids toys & furniture.”

  4. What big babies. Throwing eggs from the higher floors.
    Get over it people. Who don’t like noise and people move.
    Let’s try and have a little prospective here. You are some of the
    lucky ones and boo hoo something you can’t
    immediately control and change to make you feel better.