Food Hall Plans Withdrawn

Community Board 1 emailed this update to people who had written in about the application by American Flatbread (205 Hudson) to convert the space into Sevahaus, a two-level food hall with closing hours of 4 a.m. (floor plans below): “The attorney for American Flatbread at 205 Hudson Street informed us late last week that the application to the New York State Liquor Authority that was before Community Board 1 regarding that establishment has been withdrawn. Therefore our plan is to withdraw the resolution that was passed by our Licensing and Permits Committee. Any new application that is filed for this establishment would return to our Licensing and Permits Committee and the item would once again appear on our agenda.”

Certainly, the proposed closing hours were cause for concern. But I do think that the residents who believe nothing should be able to stay open past 10 p.m. are being unreasonable—I hear Montclair is nice—and if they persist, I wouldn’t be surprised if the proprietors plead their case with the State Liquor Authority, which can override CB1’s recommendations.



  1. Agree that a 10pm closing is about equally as nutty as a 4am closing.
    Suggest they split the difference and go for a 1am closing.

    The area is pretty commercial, curious as to what residences are nearby enough to be affected.

    • I live a block away and most of the residential concern comes from noise and traffic. Honestly, its mostly tunnel related, as people trying to leave this event space would be hunting for cabs that inevitably get stuck in the tunnel traffic.

      • Holland tunnel is always a disaster- still can’t wrap my head around how even now with Ezpass there is still no outbound toll.
        The best way to cut traffic on Canal street would be to split the toll so it is assessed both inbound and outbound.
        I would bet that at least 30%+ of the Holland traffic queued up on Canal is there because it’s FREE outbound.
        Charge a toll and people would not go out of their way to “save”

        • I believe all the river crossings to NJ (e.g., Holland and Lincoln Tunnels and the GW Bridge) are free outbound. Is there some other traffic pattern that people use to avoid tolls that take them through the Holland Tunnel? No dog in this fight — I live way down nearly in FiDi — just curious.

    • Rohin,

      I live on Greenwich St. between Desbrosses/Watts and it’s a very residential, not industrial area. There are already a lot of drunk and loud people leaving Tribeca rooftop parties that urinate and vomit on the Street (Desbrosses), and cause quite a disturbance.
      The idea of an after-party space would surely wreak havoc on our quiet block.
      This is not an area for late night activity.