Seen & Heard: Hoping for an East Tribeca Dog Run

••• Leonard Ursachi’s sculpture, “What a Wonderful World,” is up at Tribeca Park.

••• City Pole, the pole fitness studio upstairs at 8 Beach, has closed.

••• City Acres, the market with food stalls inside 70 Pine, is opening July 11.

••• E. asked about getting a dog run on the east side of Tribeca: “There is a dearth of public dog runs in the Tribeca/Soho area and I was wondering what it would take to get the city to consider adding a dog run to one of the parks here? I highlighted a couple options that seem obvious to me with arrows in the map below. The Collect Pond area seems like a reasonable candidate. I am aware that it was renovated recently (2012?) but it seems to not be getting much use from what I can tell and I suspect the dogs would have much more fun with those ‘ground sprays’ than the park’s current occupants (mostly civil servants and the homeless). Anyway, if you have any guidance regarding how I might want to explore this idea, please do let me know. I imagine this would be a very low priority for the city and that petitions and campaigning would likely fall on deaf ears, but I figured it was worth asking.” I suggested he run it by Community Board 1’s Quality of Life & Service Delivery Committee—assuming the Parks Department won’t be receptive to one man’s dream—but anyone have any other ideas? And/or want to form a committee with him? Email me at and I’ll pass you along.

••• Finally made it to Pegu Club, the bar on Houston, last night. (It only took me 12 years.) Really enjoyed the drink (the Pegu Club cocktail) and the feeling of being in Tokyo, both from the quality of the experience and being on the second floor.



  1. Yes!! A dog run please in eastern tribeca there are so many dogs and nowhere to let them run free and with the constant condo construction demo and cement trucks walking a dog is a nightmare I know mine would welcome it. Seems silly not to have one marked off in Collect Pond an under used area. Thanks for bringing it up.

  2. I have always talked about rallying the residents around Drumgoole Plaza to petition for a dog run here. This park/public area (not sure what to call it) is always desolate and can definitely be put to good use for a dog run. The nearest dog run is Fishbridge, it’s tiny and not much area for our little friends to run around.

  3. I think one of the three grassy areas in front of the court houses would be perfect. It is not like anyone actually sits on or lays out on the grass there. I actually do bring my dog here to run around early Saturday and Sunday mornings when no one is around.

  4. Yes!! We need a dog run!! Let me know how I can help!!

  5. Yes , a dog run would be a great addition to the neighborhood.