Valentine No. 54

For the seventh summer, I’ll be spotlighting little aspects of life here that I love. To see the previous Valentines, click the Valentine tag at the end of the post.

Parking lots are an endangered species in this part of the city—they’re going the way of the gas station—which is a shame, not just because it means fewer parking options and less open space, but because they often have zesty typography. Nowhere is that more so than the lot at Hudson and Leonard (first two photos below), although I’m also fond of the dignified (but doomed) “office” at 14 White and the zippiness of Speedy Park at Warren and W. Broadway. And for old times’ sake, I threw in a photo Chad-Erik EZ Park at 456 Greenwich, since demolished.



  1. This is awesome and yeah, another reminder of why I love the Tribeca Citizen.

  2. What’s the appeal of the lots? I consider them eyesores and a prioritization of cars over people. When I see the sign “Park” for a moment I foolishly think of an actual green space with benches and beautiful plants and places to walk and even some fresh air, but that idyll is sadly shattered when instead I find a dirty graffiti-covered trash-strewn asphalt lot for polluting noisy vehicles.

    • I couldn’t agree more. The shift from cars to pedestrians is happening, albeit very slowly. The end of parking lots and gas stations only further this cause. So I say, good riddance!

      • Maybe by individual-owned cars, but cars aren’t going anywhere in the city… not by a long shot. Just look at the proliferationo of Uber, Lyft, Juno, etc.. more cars than ever on the streets. The demise of the local parking lots is just a response to changing economics… not less cars.