Show Us Your Roof: 200 Chambers

“Why, yes, I’d love to see your roof,” I posted on Instagram last month, when the owner of a Franklin Street building offered me a peek. That led a resident of 200 Chambers to invite me over to see his roof. It’s the eighth-floor terrace on the northern leg of the U-shaped building, with splendid views to the north and east. But first, here are a few shots of the seating areas; I couldn’t get the best shot because a woman was sunning herself, and in my experience, people in bikinis do not like their photo taken by strangers.

And here’s a look down at courtyard of 200 Chambers, which is U-shaped. The courtyard and lobby are going to be redone, although they looked rather nice to me. (By the way, all of these photos get substantially larger if you click on them.)

Meanwhile, the air conditioning at P.S. 234 was still broken. The noisy units parked on Chambers were pumping air through the orange pipes shown below.

And now the views, starting from the west and panning to the north, then the east, then the southeast.

Now wouldn’t you like to show us your roof? Email or text 917-209-6473.



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