In the News: Another Celebrity Bought at 443 Greenwich

••• The Grand Banks guys are opening Island Oyster on Governors Island: “This 32,000-square-foot mostly outdoor restaurant is [the island’s] only stand-alone restaurant. And while its ambience couldn’t be more informal, with a raw bar, lobster rolls, fish tacos, corn and burgers, it has full waiter service for the 600 or so guests it can accommodate at a 100-foot stretch of bar, at banquettes and at tables. The kitchen is built into four shipping containers, and the chef, Kerry Heffernan, a seafood expert, will have oysters playing a major role.” The bar is open; food service starts soon. —New York Times

••• “PATH trains in and out of the World Trade Center in Manhattan were halted and the station evacuated for nearly two hours Sunday after a bomb-sniffing dog detected possible explosives [in an unattended bag]—but the suspicious package turned out to be harmless.” —New York Post

••• The husband of the woman killed in a bike/car accident at the Hudson River Park and Chambers Street has filed a lawsuit against the Hudson River Park Trust, “claiming the collision resulted from a “lack of proper design, signage, as well as negligent construction, design, installation and maintenance of the roadway and traffic control device” at the intersection.” —DNAinfo

••• “A Knicks player who is being sued for choking a woman outside a downtown Manhattan bar [Trinity Place Bar & Restaurant] says that he’s the real victim—and that the woman launched an attack on his ‘private parts.'” —New York Post

••• Actress Rebel Wilson bought at 443 Greenwich, a.k.a. the Starhive. —WWD (I know she’s better know for the Pitch Perfect movies, but I prefer to use this as an excuse to run the Absolutely Fabulous trailer; she has a cameo as a sflight attendant.)


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  1. a “slight attendant”? Some sort of Freudian slip?