Seen & Heard: Ward III Update

••• Ward III sees a light at the end of the tunnel: “Work on the building is ongoing but the main structural work is done and we hope to be back by the end of the summer.” The bar has been closed for a year now.

••• No one has guessed Where in Tribeca…? yet. You have till the end of the day. A hint: Assuming that’s a French wine crate, its location makes sense.

••• Cute idea: Houseman gives you a recipe with the bill. If you want the second half, go have a meal there.

••• When I did the census of street trees in March, I wondered aloud why 290 West didn’t have any, since the Parks Department requires new buildings to have them. So I was happy to see one arrive on the Canal side. There still aren’t any along West, which is odd, because the rendering shows two there.

••• Opening July 2 at Lubov: “Occupying the world of L. Frank Baum’s The Wonderful Wizard of Oz and its myriad sequels, Amy Ruhl’s Between Tin Men reanimates the fairy tale with the narratives of radical feminism, Marxism, and modern love. Manifesting variously as performance, installation, and video, Between Tin Men follows the ongoing story of Nimmie Amee—a minor character in Baum’s bewitching universe—and her infatuation with a Tin Man who has already lost his heart to another metal lover. For this exhibition, Between Tin Men: Gifts and Souvenirs, Ruhl charms life into the various trophies of her adventures through Oz, turning the gallery into a shop that exists in direct opposition to its Disney counterpart.