Seen & Heard: Warren Street Reconstruction Is Moving East

••• The Warren Street reconstruction project is heading west of Greenwich next week. (“S/S” means “south side.”)

••• Sapar Contemporary gallery at 9 N. Moore is closed for renovations in July and August.

••• As expected, Downtown Wine & Liquors has closed after thirty years. The farewell note:

••• I hear from Geraldine Grace Johns that she has opened the Grace Ballet New York school in Tribeca (on the second floor at 40 Harrison): “I have over 18 years’ teaching experience in London, Japan, New Zealand, and New York. I am the first Royal Academy of Dance (London) school in Manhattan and offer graded examination and presentation classes with examiners who travel from London.”

••• Opening today at Alexander and Bonin: “a summer group exhibition featuring the works of ten artists. The exhibition will include paintings and sculptures by James Angell, Matthew Benedict, Carlos Bunga, Michael Buthe, Willie Cole, Víctor Grippo, Diango Hernández, Stefan Kürten, Jorge Macchi, and Sylvia Plimack Mangold.” Below: Grippo’s “Anónimos.”

••• The company that owns the rides outside Tribeca Language is looking for someone to take them. According to the sign, you split the revenue. Enlarge the photo for more info.



  1. That pink horsey was a main character in my sons’ bedtime stories for years.

  2. Perfect for in front of Ballon Saloon!!