Seen & Heard: Ice Cream Mural

••• PJ Mattan, whose fun loft we peeped in 2015, commissioned a seasonal mural on White Street, east of Broadway: “A while ago one of our building’s windows got knocked in, and I got this wild idea of opening up an ice cream stand in the hole this Summer. But I know nothing about all that, so I tracked down @robwilsonwork to come draw us one instead. A little Summer gift to NYC…”

••• Espasso‘s annex in the former Almond space at 186 Franklin is officially open. It’s “a gallery dedicated to showcasing vintage and limited edition Brazilian furniture. In addition, the Annex has forged a collaboration with Sao Paulo’s Luciana Brito Galeria—one of the leading art galleries in Brazil. As part of Luciana Brito’s New York Project, three curated exhibitions will be presented throughout the next twelve months.” It’s open weekdays and by appointment on Saturdays.

courtesy Espasso••• Answering the question about whether Artflag’s former home at 8 Jay is for rent or for sale: A broker emailed out a notice that it sold to “a user” for $3.8 million. I suspect we’ll learn more when an application is made with the Landmarks Preservation Commission to change the façade.

••• Somehow, 59 Warren—currently being demolished—looks even better with its windows removed.

••• Biggercode is opening at 427 Broome; it’s a “high-end boutique and gallery.” The Instagram page shows sunglasses and shoes.



  1. 59 warren has a richly detailed facade that was covered by a fire escape and 100 years of grime. Unfortunate that we are losing it.

  2. Don’t it always seem to go
    That you don’t know what you’ve got
    Till it’s gone

    Joni Mitchell

  3. I can’t bear to watch the vandalism that is the destruction of 59 Warren. How could we have let this happen in our neighborhood?!