Seen & Heard: Pearl River Mart Has Nearly Doubled in Size

••• While walking by the Nunu chocolate store in the World Trade Center mall, which still hasn’t opened, I asked the company if there’s a sense of when it might debut. Not yet, but they’re working on it.

••• A resident has created a petition “advocating public awareness and more action by Silverstein Properties and the government in resuming construction of Two World Trade Center.” Heaven knows I’d love to get the west side of Church Street back, but no tower is going to get built (anywhere in the city) without a major tenant lined up. Developers can’t get financing without it.

••• I’m not sure what’s happening at Cloud Gallery on W. Broadway, but frames and art are on sale.

••• There’s now a lower (below ground) level at Pearl River Mart, so the store has more of the bit-of-everything feel that made it so lovable. I bought the last string of multicolored pompom garland; sorry.

••• I didn’t really understand the “ice cream window” at Café Bari—it’s a door, with no evident ice cream, and is “sort served” intentional?—but maybe you’d like to investigate.

••• There’s a setback at the 13th floor of 91 Leonard (a.k.a. 353-357 Broadway), which is somewhat visible from the rudimentary rendering posted at the site. Also, note what’ll be a doozy of a bulkhead. Couldn’t they have done something to liven it up?


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  1. Pearl River Market is a great addition to the neighborhood. I hope they succeed in this new location.