Seen & Heard: Con Edison to Rip Up Warren and W. Broadway

••• Poor Warren Street. “Con Edison is upgrading the gas system in your area. We will be working at the following locations: Warren between Church and W. Broadway (approximately 2 months) and  W. Broadway between Murray and Chambers (approximately 10 weeks).” Even worse: The work is seven days a week: “Monday to Friday (7 a.m. to 6 p.m.) and Saturday (8 a.m. to 6 p.m.) and Sunday (9 a.m. to 6 p.m.).” At least it’s not at nights…. But why on earth doesn’t Con Ed wait till the city’s Warren Street reconstruction project tears up that block of Warren in, what, another nine months? This is why the Lower Manhattan Construction Command Center, or whatever it was called, shouldn’t have been disbanded.

••• “Thanks for checking in!” replied the rep for Au Cheval when I asked if the Chicago restaurant is moving forward with—or moving on from—opening at 79 Walker. “Unfortunately, I don’t have any information to share with you at this time!” Community Board was no receptive to the idea of serving liquor from 6 a.m.

••• M. M. De Voe says that Island Oyster, the big new restaurant on Governors Island from the Grand Banks guys, starts serving food this weekend. Hoping to confirm that before posting this, but everything is fixable, right? UPDATE: Just heard that food service isn’t happening this weekend…. (So the headline to this post has been changed.) Official word: “Sometime in the next few weeks.”

••• Tetsu painted its façade, so the opening could be any day now.

••• Looks like Anthony is right, and preparations are being made to move the Sphere sculpture to Liberty Park.


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  1. Here’s what the Trib reported about Con Ed and Warren Street in January. DDC comes off terribly IMO in their responses about coordinating with Con Ed.

    “What about the private utility work that goes along with it?

    “As always, utilities have to move their conduits out of the way in order for the city’s contractors to do their work. At the same time, they take the opportunity to upgrade their own installations.


    “ ‘Con Ed usually does its work at night but we don’t know when they are going to come,’ said Walkman Wong, DDC’s Deputy Director for Construction. ‘They put us on a list. They tell us, ‘Tomorrow night we’re going to be there.’ And then sometimes they don’t show up. If we know that Con Ed is going to do work we’ll send it out as notification.’


    “How can people sign up for notifications and updates on the street work? And what is the process for making complaints?

    “The Department of Design and Construction will send out advisories. To add your name to the email list, write to Angela Salibi, the community construction liaison, at She can be contacted with questions or complaints by phone at 212-966-2603.”