Seen & Heard: First Look at 1803’s Menu

••• The Flea announced its inaugural season at its new home at 20 Thomas Street.

••• Il Mulino Tribeca, coming to the Tablao space, is hiring. So maybe the switch over will happen soon (if it hasn’t started already).

••• Robert Janz is out there making great art: The first shot below is of a poster he tore up and reimagined; the second is a work on construction sand bags.

••• The menu for 1803, the New Orleans–style restaurant taking the place of Church Publick (scheduled to open Wednesday), hasn’t been completely finalized, but here’s an advance look at what we can expect at dinner. The photo is presumably of the BBQ shrimp.

••• I was walking around Buenos Aires yesterday, minding my own business….



  1. Heard that it is going to be an Il Mulino PRIME (their steakhouse version). Should be good.

  2. so psyched for the Flea to open – live theater, two blocks from our apartment – and their new digs look fabulous!