In the News: Mickey Rourke’s “Disco Light Fixtures”

••• From Luis Vazquez of FiDi Fan Page: “I’ve posted several things over the last couple of days that might be of interest to you. 1) Buttercup Bake Shop is now open at Fulton Center. 2) Casa Toscana at 12 John is now open and they have returned with the gelatos that they were previously know for when it was called Ti Amo. 3) Latin Social at 75 Maiden Lane is now open. 4) T2, the most beautiful Tea Shop I have ever seen, is now open at Dey and Broadway. Joe & the Juice is coming soon to 67 Wall Street.”

••• Well + Good gets the morning fitness/beauty routine from Jayma Cardoso, who owns the Surf Lodge in Montauk and lives in Tribeca.

••• “At 28 Liberty, a Mural Celebrates the Arts and Brightens Construction Site.” —Tribeca Trib

••• If you’re unclear on the recent rent-stabilization fight in this area, read this New York Daily News article.

••• According to a new lawsuit, actor Mickey Rourke “owes the owner of his former Tribeca loft [at 114 Franklin] $30,000 in unpaid rent and nearly $10,000 in damages—including the unauthorized installation of ‘disco light fixtures’ in the apartment’s 16-foot ceiling.” —New York Post


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  1. the rent stabilization ruling is interesting. the lawsuits are very similar to the one filed by the independence plaza tenants association against stellar management. in that case it was a j-51 tax abatement which the landlord was hiding from the tenants. the tenants association at first won the case and all the ipn apartments were to be rent stabilized but on appeal the decision was reversed and stellar management was allowed to return the abatement and keep the buildings market rate.