Seen & Heard: An Update on VCafé

••• “Any update on when VCafé will reopen?” asked Harry D. “I feel like it’s similar to Cornerstone.” I reached out to owner Lan Cao, who said that three pilot lights were off by accident, and someone called Con Edison, which shut of the gas. She’s working hard with the FDNY and Con Edison to get the restaurant reopened; it’s been almost three weeks.

••• D. took this photo of the Irish Hunger Memorial: “Presumably means they’re almost ready to start planting.”

••• Asphalt Green is “joining Rally Health and actor and comedian Kevin Hart for Rally HealthFest, a free day of fitness and fun. Enjoy free fitness classes, a photo booth, massage, kids’ activities, and more. Plus, the chance to win some sweet prizes. Join us at Nelson A. Rockefeller Park at the north side of Battery Park City Saturday, July 29 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.! Learn more.” I’ve read Rally Health’s “about us” page but I still have no idea what it is, and I honestly wouldn’t know Kevin Hart if he bit me on the nose.



  1. Thanks for the chuckle re Kevin Hart and Rally Health — ditto for me. When I first saw the “Join the Movement” banners in Rockefeller Park, I thought “Oh, great — there’s a rally in support of voting rights or climate change intervention or …..” But no. Apparently we’re rallying in favor of our own personal fitness. REALLY?

  2. The Hunger Memorial is almost all planted already. Most of the construction fence has already been removed.

  3. I don’t know what the rally was all about, but I do know who Kevin Hart is and love his comedy and his performances in movies. And I’m a 52 year-old white woman. Sharing the demographics only to point out that when people make comments to the effect of having “no idea” who he is, that’s sad to me, not entertaining snark. A quick Google search would tell you he is one of the highest earning performers around (according to Forbes, he’s 98 on the top 100 celebrity earners list). The bigger question to ask is why was Kevin Hart coming all the way here to support this event? He doesn’t have any historic ties to NYC (he’s a Philly guy).

    And, it wasn’t a rally for health. The name of the company sponsoring the event is Rally Health. I don’t work for them or have any affiliation. Just wondering why the negative reaction to what seems like a nice idea — promoting health and using a very famous celebrity to do so.

    • They had the same thing at Rockefeller park last year, but I just can’t remember 100% if it was also hosted by Kevin Hart or someone else.