In the News: Governors Island to Stay Open Through October

••• “For the first time ever, Governors Island will be open until October 31. This effectively adds two months to the park’s public season.” Photo courtesy Island Oyster. —Urban Matter

••• Eater panned City Acres, the new supermarket/food court at 70 Pine: “It features stalls, seating, and cash registers on the main floor, with the actual supermarket exiled to the basement. As at Whole Foods, customers must line up to acquire food at the counters, and then line up again to pay for it at the cash registers. This can be annoying. These registers also serve as check-out for the supermarket downstairs, which was nearly empty on three separate visits. […] Every square inch of the tight food court space features shelves stocked with packaged snacks, nuts, chocolate, plastic-wrapped bagels, cookies, fruits, and other immediately consumable groceries. The place looks like a convenience store.” On the plus side: The deli has olive loaf lunchmeat.

••• The building with Kaede Japanese restaurant on the ground floor, 90 Chambers, sold for $10.7 million. “Fully leased, the building is described as offering strong cash flow within a Tribeca market that is rapidly expanding and in need of increased retail and residential housing.” Yes, this neighborhood is dying for more retail. “The building features loft apartments and large residential units and is ideally positioned for condominium conversion.” Maybe the new owner will fix the top, which is one of the worst around. —Medium

••• “Wine Trend claims to have signed a of $515,000 contract with [construction company] Tishman to design and install a custom wine storage and cooling unit in the Four Seasons [at 30 Park Place]. After completing the project and receiving just $23,100 of the contracted sum, Wine Trend says Tishman stopped payment with no explanation.” —Luxury Listing NYC

••• “On the morning of July 26, the tall ship Amerigo Vespucci entered New York harbor.” —Broadsheet

••• “Battery Park City’s Irish Hunger Memorial is due to open this Friday, July 28. […] The memorial is getting a temporary planting. The permanent crop of vegetation will be put in during September.” Thanks to the reader who sent in this photo. —Tribeca Trib



  1. City Acres has a pretty decent butcher, and organic produce (for the moment)- far better than Jubilee, Zeytuna, and Fulton Market. I’ll still make the trek to Eataly for meat and vegetables but its a good option for the east FIDI/Seaport.

  2. EVERY single person I’ve talked to about City Acres LOVES it and I talk to a lot of people. It’s beautiful, its clean, it’s well stocked and it’s convenient. It’s a great addition to the neighborhood.

  3. Re: Tishman and wine cellar non payment – what am I missing.
    $515,000 contract less $23000 paid = $129500 balance they are “seeking”
    The math doesn’t add up
    Probably meant to say $230000 paid (i.e. Extra 0)

  4. I am LOVING City Acres for their stalls— Cinnamon Snail, Beyond Sushi —– AMAZING!