Seen & Heard: Vape Shop Opening on Church Street

••• The former Dutch Petals store at 165 Church is going to be a vape store. As the sign indicates, it’s related to the smoke shop around the corner on Chambers.

••• Wichcraft‘s BLT is back.

••• While at the Battery the other evening, Luis Vazquez of FiDi Fan Page spotted the Sphere sculpture being dismantled in preparation for its move to Liberty Park (photo 1). But when I stopped by Liberty Park yesterday, the site was clearly not ready for the sculpture yet (photo 2). Luis subsequently found out that the Sphere has been put into storage. Nonetheless, I was pleased to discover—and this may only be news to me—that the stairs on the southwest side of the park are open, and you can walk along what I suppose is Cedar Street, then turn onto Washington; I didn’t look for a street sign, and Google Maps doesn’t seem to think a street is there. (Google Maps also has Liberty Park mislabeled… The red line on the map below—along with photos 3 and 4—shows what I’m talking about. I sent Google a note about it; we’ll see if it gets fixed.)

••• To the south, the vacant lot at 111 Washington is returning to its natural state. Too bad it can’t be opened to the public as a temporary park or dog run.

••• “Law & Order: SVU” is shooting in the Reade/Broadway area yet again today.

••• Muji opened a temporary store at Broadway and Howard while its Soho store is renovated.


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  1. More shops like the Vape store is just the beginning of the end!