In the News: The Ice Man at Chambers and Greenwich

••• Eater looks at the neon-sign boom at New York City restaurants, with an emphasis on Let There Be Neon. (Pictured: LTBN‘s sign for the Pop Shop, which wasn’t a restaurant, of course, but I still remember it very fondly.)

••• Model Hannah Donker, who stars in the Weeknd’s latest video, lives in Tribeca. —New York Post

••• An interview with “Danny Castro, ‘the ice man,’ [who] has been standing on the same corner at Chambers and Greenwich streets for nearly 25 years.” —Tribeca Trib

••• The Smorgasburg opening soon at Canal and Varick should “include about a half dozen vendors Monday through Friday to accommodate the locals, and expand to about 20 vendors on weekends.” —Long Island Weekly

••• Benzinga profiles Patrick Quade, founder of and “Quade’s mission all sparked from a horrible personal experience in 2009, and he has now helped send shares of Chipotle down 14 percent after the outbreak in Sterling, Virginia. ‘I had a BLT wrap from a deli in Tribeca, and I got really sick. I believed it to be food poisoning, and I called and told them, ‘Maybe you want to take a look at your food; there may be an issue with it.’ And they hung up. Then, I said to myself there needs to be some way for people to report food poisoning incidents, and that way you (consumers) can see, say 50 other people were sick after eating [at a restaurant], that would be useful information for consumers and for restaurants. So, I built a website.'” As I always say, no good comes from ordering a wrap. Related: “People tend to blame the last thing they ate, but it’s probably the thing before the last thing they ate,” Dr. Deborah Fisher, a gastroenterologist and associate professor at Duke University School of Medicine, recently told the New York Times.


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  1. Danny is the sweetest person. Always friendly and always with a smile. I actually remember when he started out. Not the exact year of course, but during those early years. I still stop by and say hello.