In the News: Summer Streets Kicks Off This Saturday

••• “Summer Streets is coming back. The Department of Transportation’s popular program, which turns Park Avenue into a car-free oasis for three consecutive Saturdays, returns this week. The first event takes place on Saturday, August 5, from 7 a.m. to 1 p.m.” —Curbed

••• An ode to Bouley. —Grub Street

••• “The city is shelling out a fortune to house hundreds of homeless people in pricey Financial District hotels—but they hate living in the red-hot Manhattan neighborhood. The free housing bestowed on scores of down-on-their-luck families is negated by the sky-high cost of food and other services in the trendy area, homeless hotel residents griped to The Post.”

••• Various ways to get out on the water around here. —Broadsheet

••• Daytonian in Manhattan looks back at when the Church of the Ascension was on Canal Street east of Broadway: “Possibly NYC’s first Greek Revival style church, Ithiel Town’s masterful 1829 Ascension Church stood only 10 years.” Below: Drawn by C. Burton, engraved by H. Fofsette, from the collection of the Museum of the City of New York.



  1. I’ve been living in Tribeca for over 20 years and it saddens me that a walk to the park is filled with a vast amount of homeless people sleeping in the street.
    Never have I seen it so bad in this neighborhood. Especially on broadway covering worth street, Duane street, trade street… up until Barclay. The chase bank has homeless people sleeping in there. What can be done???

  2. in response to Sandra another long time resident, we need to get rid of our mayor one of the worst I seen since Dinkins. He either closed homeless shelters or something. I have never seen it so bad either. the worst ever of homeless population in our city. And this guy is going to get reelected? I rather vote for anyone else but him. our cops don’t even patrol our area either. and the rents keep getting higher and higher and our landlords keep getting richer. What ashamed what our city has become. Back to the 70s we go!

  3. I agree with riding DiBlasio… At the end of the day its so upsetting to have so many homeless people (mostly with mental illness) setting shop in Tribeca. I always assumed it’s because of the Bowery Mission on Lafayette, but NOW so many are coming within the streets we walk. Scary moments, are early mornings when they are all out. The other day I saw one taking a crap behind a car, and it splatter all over the front bumper of another car. This has got to stop. Can this be an agenda for the next community board meeting?

  4. to get something done about it would be terrific. I take the chambers train in the morning and know all to well exactly what your talking about. I live on Greenwich Street you have to see the seen on the block near the park where kids play. Its a disgrace. No one is doing anything about it. To have it discussed at the next community board meeting would be a good idea. its only getting worst.

  5. the news said this is the worst in homeless ever in history with this administration. I agree!

  6. i don’t see how the homeless situation is the mayor’s fault. i think the core of the problem is the economy.

  7. Oh how people love to dump on Dinkins! He was a public relations nightmare to be sure but he is responsible for two very big funding decisions made during his term that have always been given credit to the mad Guiliani. Dinkins went on a massive hiring spree with NYPD and pushed through the funding for the greening of all the parks and roadways.
    Guiliani put a hiring freeze on for teachers and police offers and relied on generous Clinton $ from Washington.
    Bloomberg, everyone’s favorite billionaire, did not negotiate with the teachers’ union nor the Department of Corrections and he held office for three terms.
    Homelessness stems from many different corners of our society and happen to people for many different reasons. To be blaming one mayor who isn’t even through his first term is a cop-out. Perhaps they stopped busing the homeless upstate for the night and then busing them back down during the day like they did with Bloomberg? Perhaps we need to see those who are suffering so we can be aware of our need to vote consciously and not just selfishly.

    • I know a cop who was hired during that NYPD hiring spree – he had to report to be sworn in before midnight of that particular day so they could get the funding. He had to drop everything he was doing and get himself to the academy. They called it “the midnight mugging” of NYC.

  8. Re: Bouley…
    A meal at Bernardin is wonderful and delicious, same for Daniel or Union Square Cafe, but at Bouley it was a meal you never forgot. The preparation, the fabulous tastes and flavors, the bread, desert added to the excellent service….what memories.
    Plus the cake you took home.
    Can’t wait for his return!