Introducing Frenchette

The restaurant under construction in the former Cercle Rouge space seems to be proceeding extremely slowly—it’s been barely framed on the inside for a while now—but appearances must be deceiving, because chef-owners Lee Hanson and Riad Nasr have announced a September opening via WSJ magazine. The name: “Frenchette, which takes its name from a 1978 song by the New York Dolls’ David Johansen.” The article gets into Hanson’s and Nasr’s longtime experience working for Keith McNally, but—and this is great news—it says that they’re planning on venturing into unfamiliar territory:

‘It should be similar in spirit to the neo-bistros that have taken over Paris,’ says Nasr. He and Hanson want license to cook off-the-cuff in ways they couldn’t before. ‘We have to be more open to what’s going on,’ Hanson says with regard to both seasonality and current tastes. There’s an aging room in the basement, and a custom kitchen island that features a rotisserie and Japanese-charcoal grill. The chefs are considering dishes like spit-roasted lobster with curry butter and fries; suckling pig cooked over hay; several lighter preparations, like a citrus salad with chicories, coriander and pistachios; and, befitting their history, a burger.

Hanson and Nasr submitted a menu with their liquor-license application back in July of 2016. Also of note: Frenchette is still planning to be open all day, and it’ll have a bar in front and dining room in back, with a visible kitchen.

Note: The photo is from April, because it’s too hot for me to walk over there to take another one.



  1. YAY, great name and a great addition to the hood

  2. how do i go about making a reservations in September for my boss Bruce Eichner

    • I’m pretty sure they’re not taking reservations yet, and even if they were, I’d be wary of reserving anything until it’s definitely open. Rare is the restaurant that opens when it thinks it will.

  3. Love that David Johansen song

    Frenchettee. Leatherette

    Always reminded me of Florent