In the News: Police Pursue Assault Perp

••• In a post about 91 Leonard’s new landing page—stop the presses!—City Realty explains that Hill West Architects are the executive architects, but the actual designers “are no other than the masters of high-rise Modernism, Skidmore Owings & Merrill.” Alas, there still isn’t a decent rendering.

••• “A bank robber made off with $1,000 in cash after demanding money from a teller at a downtown Chase branch, then fleeing in a taxi, police said.” It was at 214 Broadway. —DNAinfo

••• The New Yorker reviews describes the Wooly Public, calling it a bar when it sure seems more like a restaurant…?

••• The 1st Precinct released a photo, of sorts, of the guy who assaulted a woman in her car on River Terrace. (What does “C/V” mean? UPDATE: “Complainant/Victim,” says James.)



  1. Complainant/Victim

  2. Re: 91 Leonard – That is really good new.
    Skidmore does great work – rest assured you will not get some malproportioned phallic glass monstrosity here.