Worst Pop-Up Restaurant Idea Ever

Distilled will be the site of a three-night pop-up restaurant, which sounds intriguing until you hear the rest. From the New York Post:

Cheetos is opening up its first-ever full-service restaurant, The Spotted Cheetah, on August 15 for three nights only in Tribeca (211 W. Broadway.) Fans of the crunchy orange dusted snack can expect a three-course menu loaded with Cheetos crafted by Food Network star Anne Burrell. The spiky haired chef will be on-site serving up spicy dishes like $22 chicken tacos made with jalapenos and actual diced up Flamin’ Hot Limon Cheetos. Also, expect to find traces of Cheetos in the grilled cheese and tomato soup combo ($13;) and sweet and salty cookies called Sweetos for dessert ($8.) Dishes are priced from $8 to $22 and reservations will be available starting on August 8 on OpenTable.

Yes, you even have to pay for it. And yes, they’re even going to ruin dessert. Here’s the menu, along with some photos. If they were Fritos, it’d be a whole different story….



  1. I am so confused; it is not the 1st of April.

  2. buy a small bag, light one up, see what you are actually putting in your system.

  3. Gross. Boycott!!!

  4. Get off your high horses. This is a fun idea.

    • Amen, seriously. Take a breath, people…it’s a 3 day pop-up restaurant. Sorry you’ll have to deal with the bottom feeders in your pristine neighborhood for 72 dreadful hours or if just the mere idea of a brand wanting to have some fun offends your delicate sensibilities.

  5. I think Cheetos may be basking in something of a moment because of numerous comedic comparisons to the complexion of the current chief executive.

  6. http://nypost.com/2017/08/16/cheetos-pop-up-restaurant-is-real-and-its-classy/

    “Local foodies flocked to Tribeca on Tuesday night to get a taste of orange-coated delicacies — such as ‘Flamin’ Hot Limón Chicken Tacos’ and ‘Purrfectly Fried Green Tomatoes’ — as the Cheetos pop-up restaurant kicked off its three-day stay in the Big Apple.


    “The Cheetos pop-up, dubbed ‘The Spotted Cheetah,’ is located on West Broadway at Franklin St. inside the Distilled gastropub.


    “‘We thought it would be more cheesy inside — but it was a serious dining experience with good service and, like, mood lighting,’ explained Sarah Roe, a 23-year-old Manhattanite who came with her friend, Caroline Meyerson, also 23.

    ““It was classy,’ Meyerson gushed. ‘We had the macaroni topped with hot Cheetos. It was intense, but delicious…A lot of flavor…I couldn’t have a whole bowl, but it was delicious.’


    “In addition to everyday food lovers, the pop-up also got a visit from singer Mariah Carey — who graced its Orange Carpet with twins, Moroccan and Monroe.”