In the News: Best Made Co. Has Been Sold

••• Daniel Squadron wrote about his decision to resign, and offered this info about his plans: “In the coming months, along with entrepreneur Adam Pritzker and Jeffrey Sachs of Columbia University, I will launch a national effort focused on addressing this crisis — joining others already doing important work toward 2018 and beyond.” The crisis in question: “The last election reflected a growing divide—based on geography, background, opportunity and even truth—that threatens our democracy and our future. It’s not the inevitable consequence of living in a huge country with diverse interests. Rather, this divide has been manufactured for the financial gain of the Koch brothers and very few others. For decades, they have invested in campaigns on the local, state and national levels, as well as think tanks, legislative development, and media outlets, building a unified front to advance their self-serving agenda.” —New York Daily News

••• “The Battery Park City Authority is hoping that some strategically placed signs will convince bike riders using the pedestrian-heavy riverside promenade that the bikeway along West Street offers a path of least resistance that’s easier, faster and more direct when riding north and south.” —Tribeca Trib

••• Sushi Azabu is “opening a location inside the Marriott Stanton South Beach (161 Ocean Drive) this October.” —Eater

••• The Mysterious Bookshop‘s Otto Penzler talks to the Wall Street Journal about his life story, as told via where he has lived (and lives now).

••• “Bolt Threads has become a vertical apparel manufacturer in a most unusual way. The Bay Area biotechnology firm that recently struck a partnership with Stella McCartney, has purchased New York City-based Best Made Co., an outdoor apparel company that sells clothing, axes and camping gear. […] Bolt Threads engineers fibers from scratch based on proteins found in nature and then develops cleaner, closed-loop processes for manufacturing using green chemistry practices. Exemplified in the dress co-created with Stella McCartney, Bolt Threads is able to create silk using yeast, making the textile vegan-friendly and staying true to the designer’s vegetarian philosophy. Solution oriented, this process reduces pollution, creates long-term sustainability and is cruelty-free.” —Sourcing Journal

••• “A number of bike thefts have been reported in Lower Manhattan over the last month, police said.” —DNAinfo

••• Domino visits the Tribeca apartment of “Stacie Brockman, co-founder of advertising and branding agency Métier Creative.” Photo by Lindsay Brown for Homepolish.