Seen & Heard: Another Broadway Conversion Rumored

••• Good news: Ecco says that it has “passed city inspections and should all be back to normal hours by next week.”

••• Andrew Schnipper, of the Schnippers Schnippers, sent out a press release announcing the August 15 opening of Thunder Bun, “a new fast-casual concept” taking the place of the Schnippers at 1 New York Plaza (which is down by the Staten Island Ferry Terminal). Here’s the description and the menu:

••• There’s a restaurant tag sale at 20 Warren tomorrow.

••• The McDonald’s at Chambers and Greenwich has had a mammoth air conditioner on the sidewalk/street for three weeks. Fix it already!

••• Opening August 18 at hprgp Gallery: “Love & Obsession features the works of Japanese artists Tadahiro Gunji and Fantasista Utamaro. From the aesthetics of ancient paintings to high-context Anime culture, they easily cross over the boundaries.”

••• “I heard through the grapevine that 305 Broadway is going condo,” commented TribecaMom. “Landlord refuses to renew lease longer than 5 years.” If so, that would place even more residential pressure—schools, services, etc.—on rapidly changing Broadway, but five-year leases mean it would be quite a ways away.


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  1. 1. At least temporary AC at McDonald’s beats their prior years’ practice of no AC.

    2. 5-year max leases doesn’t necessarily mean a conversion. It does mean they are keeping their options open. Are the office tenants asked to sign leases with a demo clause (like Raccoon Lodge, Mariachi’s, etc.) that would force them out at the Landlord’s option? I understand they are at other nearby Broadway office buildings.