Smorgasburg Will Open August 19

The good news, via Eater: Smorg Square, as Smorgasburg’s two-year location in Hudson Square is being called, will open August 19. The bad news is that it’s now just Friday through Sunday, 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. (9 p.m. on Sunday), and not other weekdays. According to Eater, we can expect “ample seating for 120 people, a full bar, and an outdoor deck.” Not sure what “outdoor deck” means in this context—the whole thing is outdoors…. (It’s on the vacant lot bordered by Varick, Canal, Sullivan, and Grand.) Above: a rendering.

Here are the vendors, with descriptions of their offerings (if in quotation marks, the descriptions are their own).

Big Mozz Sticks / “Vendy Award–winning mozz sticks”
Bon Chovie / “Fresh fish fast”
Bona Bona Ice Cream / “Chef Nick Di Bona’s line of restaurant-crafted ice cream
Brooklyn Oyster Party / “Boutique oyster caterer”
C Bao / “Asian buns and bubble tea”
Dan & John’s Wings / “Two guys from Buffalo serving wings in NYC”
Destination Dumplings / “Modern pan-fried dumplings”
Duck Season / “The duck, the whole duck and nothing but the duck
Dulcinea / “Churros and pastries”
Excell’s Kingston Eatery / “A Jamaican-style catering company”
Goa Taco / “Paratha tacos”
John’s Juice / “Fresh juice, healthy drinks”
Lonestar Empire / “Slow-smoked, Texas-style brisket” (pictured below)
Lumpia Shack / “Filipino-inspired spring rolls”
Lupita’s NYC / “Spreading love one taco at a time”
*Ramen Burger / A burger with ramen as the bun
Red Hook Lobster Pound / “Sensational lobster rolls straight from Maine
The Good Batch / “A modern sweets bakery”
*Wood Fired Edibles / “Wood-fired artisanal pizza
Wowfulls / “Waffles and ice cream
Yakisoba NYC (by Rai Rai Ken) / Japanese stir-fry

* Not Aug. 25-27 and Sept. 1-3
** Starts Sept. 1