Seen & Heard: More Trees Cut Down

••• Two of the four trees on the Church Street side of the Canal Street Post Office have been cut down, making a grim corner that much grimmer. It sure seems like trees come down much more frequently than they get planted.

••• Ecco is open again (after dealing with a gas-line issue).

••• I got a peek at 403 Greenwich, the new condominium building between Beach and Hubert—more later on the views from the top—and I was taken by how, in the ground-floor unit (not yet on the market), architect Morris Adjmi referenced the neighborhood’s many ground-floor skylights. The yard ain’t bad, either.

••• This is either the best rendering ever or the worst.

••• Could something be opening in the retail space above Diane Furstenberg?

••• Got a good look at Pier 17 from the NYC Ferry the other day. (Click to enlarge.) It sure looks done, but it’s not opening till next summer. I do think the canopy will be a welcome adornment.