R & Company’s Spectacular Expansion

“We’re opening a new space on White Street,” emailed R & Company co-founder Zesty Meyers. “Would you like to come see it?” You don’t have to ask me something like that twice….

R & Company, which features historical and contemporary design at 82 Franklin (where it has been since 2000), is opening a second location in Tribeca, in 64 White. That’s one of the three 1869 buildings recently renovated in grand style by the Sorgente Group; 60 and 62 White have been converted to residential, while 64 remained commercial. Knowing a good thing when they see it, Meyers and his business partner, Evan Snyderman, bought the three-level space (the round floor and the two below), which they’re hoping to have it ready by late winter. I got a hard-hat tour, and all I can say at this point is that it’s going to be spectacular. (And yes, they’re keeping the Franklin Street location.)


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  1. Happy to hear this, though I’ve never quite worked out the business model of that place…