The Eclipse

The eclipse was neat, to be sure, and I’m kicking myself for not pursuing totality. I did think/hope the light at street level would change more, but unless I totally missed it, the only sign anything was going on was the multitudes of people standing in the sun, staring up. (Many not using protective glasses….) I was tempted to take even more photos of people basking in the miracle of science, but it seemed unkind, so here are just a few. And if you managed to take any good shots—of the eclipse, or anything related to it—send them over to and I’ll post them.

Here’s a cute one from @kidsfashionnyc….

And a nice one from Charles:

Two beauties by @jpp9sta:

A bunch from Susan Rosenberg Jones, taken at Pier 25:

Finally, from Jane: “These photos show the partially eclipsed sun shining through the leaves on a tree so it’s like hundreds of pinhole images projected on the ground; they are also inverted like a pinhole camera where the light beam hits the side of the aperture and inverts the projected shadow. In other words, this is the first half of the eclipse; the second half of the eclipse cast shadows with the light filtered through on the opposite side as below.”

And from Sharon Schuster: “These shadows are through leaves which acted as a camera obscura projecting onto my neighbor’s terrace furniture!”