In the News: Fowler & Wells Has Changed Its Name

••• This is just awful. George Carroll, a former Tribecan who did the TCQ&A back in 2012, was murdered on the street in Greenpoint. UPDATE: I neglected to include a link to the GoFundMe drive set up by Carroll’s wife, Chrissy Carroll, to help pay for a wake and burial. —New York Daily News

••• A Tribeca apartment was featured on Dwell.

••• Mayor Bill de Blasio doesn’t support congestion pricing because it isn’t “fair”—but taxing the rich to pay for subway repairs is? He’s such a tool. —New York Post

••• “Chef Tom Colicchio is dropping the name of his newest Manhattan restaurant, Fowler & Wells, after learning that it has historically racist connotations. The new name is Temple Court.” —New York Times



  1. de Blasio apparently doesn’t want to have to pay every day when his motorcade drives him to and from the Park Slope Y to run on the treadmill.

  2. Well, Mayor de Blasio, what is your “fair” solution to the congestion problem then?

  3. Tax white rich people