In the News: Cops Descend on Duane Street

••• An excerpt of “Adam Gopnik’s new book, At the Strangers’ Gate, [which] examines New York’s downtown food scene of the 1980s,” by way of the writer’s own life. (Photo courtesy the Odeon.) —Daily Beast

••• Worried that one of his patients—a resident of 135 Duane—was going to take his own life, a therapist called the cops, who descended on the scene with “hostage negotiators and helmeted Emergency Service officers.” The cops wouldn’t leave without being let in, and then they sent him to Bellevue. —Tribeca Trib

••• There’s a nice interview with Martin Kesselman of INColour in New York magazine’s Design Hunting, but it’s not online yet.

••• “Deutsche Bank, a name once unfairly associated with political inertia and delay at Ground Zero, could be the tenant that finally gets Two World Trade Center built to complete the site’s planned office tower quartet. […] But Deutsche has also sent an RFP to Related Cos. and Oxford Properties Group for 50 Hudson Yards.” —New York Post

••• “Vicki Freeman and Marc Meyer (Vic’s, Cookshop, Rosie’s) have turned the Soho restaurant they called Hundred Acres into a Mediterranean restaurant [called Shuka], decorated with Moroccan tiles and conveying the flavors of North Africa and the Middle East along with Italy and Spain.” —New York Times

••• More on Eco Shrimp, a new-ish vendor at the Tribeca Greenmarket on Saturdays. —New York Times



  1. I have a feeling Deutsche Bankis going to 2 WTC. Their footprint is downtown, and I think they don’t want to play second fiddle at 50 Hudson Yards. That being said, I think the possibility of Fosters Tower 2 design rising will be much greater than BIGS as Fosters was designed with banks in mind. Fingers crossed!

  2. Thank you to the unnamed therapist who saved a patient’s life with a call to police to avoid a possible suicide.
    We’ve already had a murder on the block this yearand
    several beloved long-time tenants have been lost to accident
    and cancer. It’s been very tough on Duane Street.
    Peace, health and Love to all.

    116 Duane Street
    District Leader (2005-2015)