Seen & Heard: Opening Forecasts for Tetsu and Il Mulino

••• I woke this morning to many reports of fireworks in the middle of Tribeca around midnight last night. As someone else noted, not the brightest idea on September 11. Anyone ever figure out what it was all about? UPDATE: “There were people/person putting off fireworks from a roof top on chambers st next door to 77 Reade around 11pm,” commented Nicole.

••• From Tetsu: “As construction in New York goes, we’ve experienced some unforeseen delays, but fear not—we are set to open in the next month if all goes according to plan.” You have to admire the optimism.

••• The outpost of Il Mulino on Greenwich is also shooting to open next month. Until then, leave it alone.

••• There’s an awful lot of garbage—and bagels?—in the Holland Tunnel off-ramp median.

••• At Canal Street Market, a Mexican stall called Calito has taken the place of the pie stall. That slot was always said to be for rotating vendors.

••• After I wrote about Farm.One, the indoor farm that recently opened in Tribeca (it’s also at the Institute of Culinary Education at Brookfield Place), founder Rob Laing offered me a tour. It was really neat! The best part is tasting the various herbs, microgreens, and flowers—most of which I had never even heard of, and all of which packed far more flavor that what you can buy at the store. The clientele is mostly chefs (including at Atera and Jungsik), but laypeople can also take a $50 tour or shop online. (And for a limited time, the tours are 20% off.) If you like food, I heartily recommend it. P.S. Most of my photos came out oddly pink.



  1. There were people/person putting off fireworks from a roof top on chambers st next door to 77 reade around 11pm.

  2. There was also a huge explosive noise at around 945 (so loud that all of our neighbors ran onto their balconies)